Steering Committee

Our co-op is owned by our members and led by Steering Committee that is elected by its members.

Our current steering committee members include:

  1. Eric Barker, Chair |
  2. Laura Thomas, Vice-Chair
  3. Cybil Peoples-Moore, Secretary
  4. Rich Rinkus, Treasurer
  5. Susan Boser
  6. Peter Broad
  7. Carrie Miller |
  8. Quintina

Thank you for your service!

Our steering committee has a rotation of leadership, ensuring both continuity and new ideas. Some of our past steering committee members have included:

  • Rick Bavera
  • Jenna Deardorff
  • Colleen Donovan
  • Sean Howard
  • Dana Driscoll
  • Christian Jerman
  • Zachary Jobe
  • Erin Petrillo
  • Alaina Stango

We’re looking forward to organizing for the next phase of the co-op!


The co-op’s first steering committee meeting, August 2015 in the Indiana Free Library. Pictured are Colleen Donovan, Laura Thomas, and Eric Barker.